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Welcome to LiveUp

Words to liveup by

“The simplest and most practical lesson I know is to resolve to be good today, but better tomorrow.”
- The Venerable Mother Catherine McAuley

What is liveup?

Service and clinical excellence are what make Mercy remarkable. And the best way to continue to achieve both is to set the standard in quality care, hospitality and innovation in how we honor patients and each other beyond the call of duty.

LiveUp is our new campaign designed to inspire the Mercy Experience by inviting Mercy staff to “live up” — to go beyond our job descriptions to serve patients and colleagues in ways that are memorable and will enrich lives.

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LiveUp is Here

The liveup mantra

LiveUp is more than a motto. It’s an idea best expressed in a mantra that illuminates the power of choosing greatness and the privilege of serving others.

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  • Do you Hear the Call?

Why now?

The pace at which health care is transforming drives a clear call: we must improve the health status of our patient populations in big, bold ways. LiveUp is how we rise to this challenge and take our excellence to new heights.

Why LiveUp? Because when you do better, we all do better.

25 liveUP ideas

The beauty of LiveUp is its simplicity. All that’s required is that you ask, “What can I do to make a patient’s or colleague’s day better?” Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Never take for granted the privilege to serve
  • Bring in flowers to a patient from your home garden
  • Tell someone why you think they’re remarkable

Helpful Resources

LiveUp is officially here. In and around Mercy, you’re going to see posters, videos and much more expressing the virtues of LiveUp, and showcasing Members of the Mercy Family who display the values we honor. Please view or download resources available here to learn more about LiveUp.

25 Ways to LiveUP

Ways to LiveUp

Learn how you can be a part of this bold initiative.


Mantra Posters

Six Motivational Posters

Hang up posters with phrases taken directly from the LiveUp Mantra to keep you motivated throughout your day.


Mantra Video

The Mantra Video

Watch the LiveUp Mantra video whenever you want to stay inspired. Download it now.


Mantra Text

The Mantra Text

Keep a copy of the LiveUp Mantra at your desk or in your office.


Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Print, hang and share powerful quotes from The Venerable Mother Catherine McAuley to encourage you to LiveUp.


Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

Print and hang Mercy Medical Center's mission statment, vision and core values.


Coming Soon

LiveUp is more than an extension of our brand; it’s our calling. It’s more than a campaign; it’s a whole new level of dedication to the Mercy Experience and continuing the values that have made Mercy incredible throughout our 121-year history.

On Monday, November 17, LiveUp will be launched externally to patients and consumers through a series of ads on television, radio, and billboards, plus print and online ads, social media and more.